Funny iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

Funny iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S introduce video. Watch till the end. The way the guy talks, behaves and answers looks to be so so funny. Funny fellow. Watch and leave a comment if you like it. Will add more based on your taste

What is iPhoneography or iPhone Photography?

You take a picture using your iPhone, do edits, re-size and more without using a PC or other devices but only using your iPhone and iOS apps. We call it as iPhoneography or iPhone Photography.  You can take incredible pictures using your iPhone, do edits and apply styles, crop and what not.  Your iPhone does. Find more eaisy way to know about sell my mobile by visiting this website .

How “AssistiveTouch” increases life of your iPhone 5/5s/6 Buttons?

Home and Power Buttons are the very important parts of any Mobile Phones.  The same applies to Apple iPhone devices as well.  Most iPhone users do not care about this and use it like a basic model phone.  You may have to spend a lot to get them replaced.  Even after spending so much money,